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Quintas de Cortes

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:49 pm
by mexman
Hi everybody,

I bought QnEWB just about three weeks ago.
Some years ago I built several HTML web sites and did some learning before. But in those days, web sites were much simpler.

Now I had to build a new web site and there were many new items:
Form sumbission, Password protection for different access levels....... and the look-and-feel should be more "up-to-date"

In I am using these techniques, as well as Newsreader, Guestbook, Inline Frames, Master Page, HTML Object etc. (You cannot se many, because the access is limited)

Of course I still had to learn again about some issues (forms, PHP..) but with some help from the WEB, much help from Pablo and a lot of thinking and reading the tutoriakls and the posts in this forum, I could manage that easily!

This is a GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE and in a few minutes you can really set up a nice web site with a lot of funcionality.


Using QnEWB V1.6 on Lenovo AiO B320 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04