Dinner for Few animated short film website

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Dinner for Few animated short film website

Post by Danas_Anis » Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:24 pm


I am sharing you another project from me.
I am working with an EMMY awward winning artist who asked if I could create a website for his upcoming animated short film.

And this is how far we went for this day.


This website was firstly designed in another software app. But since I moved to Linux OS and spend there most of my time, I needed to do something to not have to annoyingly boot Windows to do some tweaks for some project, luckily QNEWB was discovered and allowed me to quickly re-do this website and add some nice additions to it.

Pure QNEWB version of dinnerforfew.com running like a charm.
Kind regards,
Carrara 3D Expo Management

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