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and yet another responsive site!

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:29 am
by johnvanhulst Harry is a musician, who sings in his local district (the Groningen province) language. He also plays guitar very well and writes all of his songs himself. Long ago (in 1975-1985) I played with him in a R&R cover band called 'The Dead Rabbits' (I still have to redo their website with Q&E) and yes, I still make music in which he sometimes participates (

In this website I make use of iFrames extensivily.

1: the banner at the top of the homepage is a javascript slideshow in an iFrame.
2: The 'Agenda' page uses the Q&E Newswriter extension in an iFrame. Why, you maybe ask. The Q&E newswiter extension is a php script which is responsive in itself (width:100% everywhere inside the script), but the way the extension is implemented within Q&E is NOT responsive. I found an iFrame workaround. I place the extension somewhere on a page, give it some fixed width and height, publish the site and upload this to my webserver. There it is shown as a normal php file (i.e. Then I DELETE the extension from the design and place the php file hard-linked (i.e. the full path to the file) in an iFrame instead. This iFrame then gets a width and height according to the breakpoints I use for that page. Et voila... This has the additional advantage that the script is shown in a normal way (because of the full path link) when you preview the page, instead of the error-garbage Q&E would produce... Of course you can use this trick for any Q&E (PHP) extension...
3: The music on the 'CD's' page has been generated by another dedicated player software and the result, after being uploaded of course, is shown in an iFrame.
4: The contact form on the 'contact' page is a php script inside (yes after being uploaded :roll: ) an iFrame.

You might wonder why I use iFrames this much. Well, sometimes I need to as a workaround (the newswriter extension) and sometimes because I like the results of other software more than the Q&E extensions/built-in tools.

And by the way, I use a default of 920 pixels on this site, with 3 breakpoints: 768, 450 and 320.

Wow, what a long story! I hope you find it useful and 8)

Re: and yet another responsive site!

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:23 pm
by filmphotog
It's a great website! I actually like the use of iFrames, the main content is displayed very fast while the iFrame content can be delayed. This makes a better user experience.