Responsive Menu collapses to a vertical column of text

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Responsive Menu collapses to a vertical column of text

Post by DoctorWeb » Sun May 13, 2018 6:50 pm

Hi Pablo,
Ive used the Responsive Menu for a few versions now, they take some getting used to but were OK until I upgraded to the latest version 5.4. Since then, each time I put a Responsive Menu bar up, it looks fine in QnEWB, looks OK on preview, but after publising to the site, my lovely horizontal responsive menu disappears, and instead I get a vertical column of text showing the page titles in blue, about 6 point text or so and with no background - all running all over my text. How do I make the Responsive Menu basrs stay horizontal and look right? Have I inadvertendtly changes something?

Ive even tried copy and past menus from other pages, whcih look Ok yet (as I made them some time ago) but as soon as I publish them, they are annihiliated into vertical ugly plain text. My host say its not the server which could be responsible.

You can see the effect on this page

(I vaguely remember a similar problem back in V2 or 3)

Many thanks for any suggestions

Doctor Web

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Re: Responsive Menu collapses to a vertical column of text

Post by Pablo » Sun May 13, 2018 8:20 pm

I do not see the problem on your website. Did you already solve it?

Or maybe it is a browser related issue?
Did you try to view the page on another computer?

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