password protection and protected pages?

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password protection and protected pages?

Post by fritsmartfu »

I'am trying to use "password protection" on an non profit organisations website.
I made an "entry" on a page wich linked to a login page on a "content place holder" on the same page.
To my plans, a proper login should open a "protected page" on the same "content place holder" but when trying to login, I get a new, clean login page.
Is it allowed to use "content place holders" in this "password protected" construction?
The adress of my Hungarian website (under construction) is http.//, and the tab to the protected pages is called "tagoknak" (for members).
Thank you!
As a Dutchman we live already 30 years in Hungary.
We like te help the local community in there developement, but in many fields (specially for computer use and website constructions) I need help myself.
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Re: password protection and protected pages?

Post by Pablo »

A 'content place holder' is for use with master frames, it is not directly related to login pages.

For an introduction to protected pages please see this related tutorial:
and also:

Unrelated tutorial (master frames/content place holder)
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