Earthquake in Mexico

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Earthquake in Mexico

Post by mexman » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:57 pm

Sorry Pablo for hijacking the forum ;-) but maybe we can keep this post for a few days!

I am living in the middle of the earthquake zone you already heard of. My wife passed a damaged area a few minutes before the beginn of the earthquake but me and my family are fine physically and without damages in our properties while neighbours are affected. Feeling the earthquake outside of our home, I really wondered how our house could stay okay.
The helping activities in Mexico City and Puebla, the big cities, are in the focus of all media coverage, but there are hundreds of small villages still without electricity and communication.
We don't trust the official money donation activities and fortunately many private persons and universities are helping as well.
We ourselves have a small truck and will go to Chiautla de Tapia tomorrow...a few kilometers from the earthquake epicenter. Friends of us have family there so we know the exact situation and we have contacted the (former) local primary school who is coordinating the help.
In that village almost all houses broke down but nobody has been hurt seriously.
People are sleeping on the street and they urgently need matresses and blankets to sleep outside, canvas covers to protect from sun and rain, tools to clean up and toilet paper. Food and water is provided by the government.
We are actually buying and collecting all that to bring it there personally.
If you can and like to donate, please transfer to my account, I can redraw the money here in local currency.
Dont forget to mention you mail address so we can send you the evidence!

Michael Roek-Ramirez

Thank your very much in advance!
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Re: Earthquake in Mexico

Post by Pablo » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:40 pm

I'm sorry to hear that you and your family have been affected by the earthquake.
I wish you all the best.

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Re: Earthquake in Mexico

Post by mexman » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:31 pm

Thanks Pablo.
And thanks to our friends in Europe who Last weekend who donated in three days 400 EUR. Does not sound much, but we could pack our Pick-Up to the top with required things. As friends of us have family in that area we knew exactaly what was required: No food, no water, no clothes. As almost ALL houses broke down people have to sleep outside and it rains havily, plastik sheets and mattresses are required. Baby food and accessories, Those villages are "at the end of the world". Thousands of helpers with transports left Puebla last Saturday to bring private help to those remote villages. We drove 3 hours the the local help center in Chiautla de Tapia and then 1.5h more to Ixcamilpa, The farer the village, the less help is arriving. Nobody relies on Government help which frequently "gets lost" in hands of politicians. Those villages are populated by mainly elderly people....some too weak or ill, to walk two blocks where they could get free food. And single mothers with babies! Most young people left those places to look for work. We could hand personally all items we brought and even help local people to organize distribution. We came back home on Sunday and we will be back there in a few weeks, when helping enthusiasm will be less, but reconstruction help will be required.
Thanks to all supporters.

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