What are Extensions?
Extensions (also called add-ons or plugins) are components which enhance the functionality of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder. Extensions can be accessed through the Toolbox or via the Insert menu just like the standard objects. In the future we plan to release a wide range of extensions to make Quick 'n Easy Web Builder even more powerful than it already is. Some extensions are simply components with few parameters while other are almost complete applications (guestbooks, image galleries, audio/viode players etc)  by themselves...

Extensions are only available for registered users!
Extensions are not officially supported, they are made available as an extra service for the users of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder that find them useful and the software is provided "AS IS".

You can access extensions via the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager).
or download them here: http://extensions.quickandeasywebbuilder.com/

Where to get more extensions?
Because Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is relatively new there are only a 'few' native extensions available.
However we have created a convertor tool that can convert WYSIWYG Web Builder extensions to .xmz format. This gives you access to more than 250 additional extensions!

You can download the converter tool here:

WYSIWYG Web Builder extensions can be found here:
Do you want to build your own extensions?
Extension Builder is a utility to build your own extensions for WYSIWYG Web Builder. Read more
These extensions can later be converted to Quick 'n Easy Web Builder with the tool wbx2xmz.

Currently these tools are only available for Windows. However the converted extensions will also work on the Mac and Linux.

wbx2xmz can only convert .wbx files, these are extensions created with Extension Builder.
Other formats like .uwbx and .wbx64 cannot be converted because this are executables.

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