Formatting Form message

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Formatting Form message

Post by alex4orly »

Is there a way to format the style of the Form message being sent?
I was able to do it in wwb with this code below:

Message Details : <br><br>
<strong>Name :</strong> $Sendername<br>
<strong>Email : </strong>$email<br>
<strong>Phone : </strong>$Phone<br><br>
<strong>Previous : </strong>$PreviousClub
<strong>Needs Help: </strong>$NeedsHelp

Instead of getting the formatted message, the email looks like this:

Message Details : <br><br>n<strong>Name :</strong> $Sendername<br>n<strong>Email : </strong>$email<br>n<strong>Phone : </strong>$Phone<br><br>n<strong>Previous : </strong>$PreviousClubn<br><br>n<strong>Needs Help: </strong>$NeedsHelp
IP Address :
Sendername : Berko Doman
Email :
Phone : 9998887776
PreviousClub : SEMAc and various models
NeedsHelp : I still need some help

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Re: Formatting Form message

Post by Pablo »

There is currently no option to format the email message. The message will be send as plain text.

But you can post suggestions here for future development: ... m.php?f=28
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