Links - preview & publish

Issues related to previewing and publishing your web site.
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Links - preview & publish

Post by Daithi »

I preview my web site (scope set to Entire Web Site) and clicking on links for files in the preview (pdf or xls) returns an error-file not found. On checking, none of these files has been generated to the temporary directory. However manually copying the files to this directory allows them to load OK.

Publishing the web site works well and updates changes and images, etc (Publish entire web site, Publish all files). However clicking on the links to the above files returns a 404 error although on checking, the files are in the root directory of the server along with the others and have a current date.

What am I missing?
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Re: Links - preview & publish

Post by Pablo »

Maybe some of the pages are PHP?
In that case, they cannot be previewed. PHP can only be previewed online.

If you need further assistance then please share a DEMO project so I can see what you have done.
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