Adding a lightbox gallery to your website
In Quick 'n Easy Web Builder it is very easy to add amazing looking lightbox galleries to your website.
Out-of-the-box Quick 'n Easy Web Builder supports fancyBox, galleria, prettyPhoto and slimbox.
Lightbox galleries can be used in combination with the Photo Gallery or the Slide Show, which both can be found in the toolbox on the left side of your screen. The Photo Gallery will display thumbnails of all images while the SlideShow will initially display only one image so the user will have to click it to see the other images.

Photo Gallery
To select a lightbox in the Photo Gallery, open the properties and set the Target action to 'Open in a lightbox'. Now you can select one of the available lightbox scripts.
Below two examples of lightbox galleries. The first uses the Photo Gallery/prettyPhoto and the second the Slide Show/Galleria.
New York New York Caesars Palace Bellagio
Slide Show
To select a lightbox in the Slide Show, open the object's properties and set the Type to 'Lightbox'.
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