Thanks for choosing Quick 'n Easy Web Builder! In this section we will give a short introduction to the application so you can start building your
web site in (almost) no time.

Basic features:
First steps: Getting started with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
An introduction to the basic functionality of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
An introduction to the Site Manager
Introduction to creating web pages
Setup guide borders, rulers and grid
Adding text to a web page
Adding an image to a web page
Linking your pages together (Creating Hyperlinks)
Saving your web site
Preview a page in your Browser
Publishing your web pages
Adding a Navigation Bar to your web site
Adding a Menu Bar to your web site
Using templates

Advanced features:
Using the Style Manager
Change the color or style of a hyperlink
Adding HTML or Javascript to a web page
Include Javascripts in your web page (examples: TickerTape, Weather, MP3 Player)
Creating forms
How to use PHP to collect Form data
How to use the Form Wizard?
How to use Inline Frames
How to use Master Pages
How to use Master Frames
Using Layers in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
How to password protect your pages
Using events to create a roll over image
Using events to display popup information for a specific item
Adding a PayPal Buy Now button to your website
Creating a basic PayPal Shopping Cart
Adding a lightbox gallery to your website
Building a Shopping Cart with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder

Getting started with the Login Tools
Adding a login to your web site (Login basics)
Customizing the Signup Form of the Login Tools
Using the jQuery Slider
Using Web Fonts in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
An introduction to jQuery UI Widgets
Do more with styles: Pseudo classes.

How to use the Carousel?
Using the Carousel to create an animated slideshow

More cool layer features
Create a responsive website with anchored layers
Create a responsive website with floating layers
An introduction to CSS3 animations
Start and stop CSS3 animations with Events
An introduction to CSS3 transitions
Using CSS3 transform to zoom an image
An introduction to Timers
Responsive Web Design in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
Introduction to Responsive Web Design - The Basics

New for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 4:
Link transitions
An introduction to the Photo Gallery
An introduction to the Blog object
An introduction to the Layout Grid
How to use Affix and ScrollSpy?
Creating a Full Screen / Single Page Layout
How to add a parallax scroll effect to your pages?

New for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 5:
New: Getting started with FlexBox
New: Form conditions and calculations
New: Advanced Layout Grid Features
New: Create a Full Page website using the Carousel
New: Using Scroll Transitions
New: An introduction to Blocks
New: How to use the Carousel to create a multi-page form?

What's next? More tutorials, FAQ and support

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