Change the color or style of a link

By default all links in your web page have underlines and use the default HTML link colors (link:blue, visited:purple, active: red, hover:blue). Quick 'n Easy Web Builder gives you the option to customize the way links will be displayed in the browser by introducing the Link Style Sheet Editor. This way it is possible to remove the underline from a link or make it another color.

Select Menu -> Format -> Styles- > Link Styles from the menubar to display the Link Style Sheet Editor.
Click Add to add a new link style. You must give the style a name like 'black_link' or 'no_underline'.

A link has four states:
You can customize the formatting of the link by clicking on one of the states (Show style for).
To remove the underline from a link simply uncheck the box 'Underline' .

Apply the style to a link
Now that you've created a link style you can apply it to a text link.
Highlight the text you want to link and select Insert -> Link from the menu bar or click the link button on the toolbar.
This will display the Insert Link window.
Change the Style from the dropdown list to 'black_link'.

Important note:
You must publish or preview the page to view the effect
, Quick 'n Easy Web Builder will always show links in underlined blue.

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